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Ideal for proactive managers steering teams and driving projects forward and for team leaders poised to step into their first true management position.

Designed for seasoned professionals gearing up for leadership or those already in managerial roles, this package ensures you stand out, lead with conviction, and cement your place as a leader.

Bespoke Managerial CV

Tailored for management professionals, our CV will capture your leadership journey, significant achievements, and managerial expertise. It’s designed not just to pass the ATS but to spotlight you as the management candidate of choice.

Choose a letter targeting a specific leadership position or a versatile template, ensuring every application you send is compelling and aligned with your leadership narrative.

As a budding or established leader, your LinkedIn should echo your stature. Our detailed audit provides insights to elevate your profile. Combined with actionable recommendations and a custom banner, your profile will resonate leadership.

Delve deep into a collection of situational and behavioural interview scenarios curated for managerial roles. Ace your interviews with confidence, showcasing your leadership expertise and vision.

Networking at a managerial level has its intricacies. This guide offers strategies to cultivate and nurture high-level professional relationships, ensuring you’re connected to the right opportunities and decision-makers.

An essential tool for managers who prioritise organisation. With our Excel tracker, utilise a visual Kanban board for task management, benefit from an automated Gantt chart, and ensure your team stays on track in a streamlined manner. Perfect for managers aiming for top-tier productivity and precision.

Ascend in your leadership journey. This resource list covers top courses, webinars, and resources, catering specifically to management skills and growth.
Moving up the ranks demands better pay. With advanced techniques and negotiation scripts, confidently navigate conversations, ensuring you’re compensated fittingly for your managerial expertise.
Dive into a curated selection of seminal books on management and leadership. Enhance your perspective and strategies, and become the leader everyone looks up to.

For those in management or aspiring to leadership roles, this service emphasises your management skills and achievements on your CV. Along with the CV, you’ll get a matching cover letter template, making your application consistent and aligned to managerial roles.

Bespoke Managerial CV

Your CV will be tailored to highlight your leadership experience and significant achievements, positioning you effectively for further managerial opportunities.

This template is designed to align with your managerial CV. Customise it to emphasise your leadership qualifications and suitability for potential roles.

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Discover the impact of our expert CV writing services through our customer reviews, and see first-hand how Career
Elite Group has transformed the job search experience for countless satisfied professionals.

Camila Fanizza
Camila Fanizza
Great service! Charlotte has been very helpful the whole process, paying very detailed attention to everything we discussed regarding my experience, and provide me with a very professional new CV and LinkedIn page. I’m really happy with the results and I can’t thank her enough!
I asked for a review of my CV recently to apply for promotion. My CV was not in the best condition but Career Elite Group have completely turned it around - it now looks brilliant! With their expertise and knowledge of the jobs market, my cv is now more attractive and the language used is more relative. Very quick turnaround which is really appreciated and has taken the hassle out of having to spend time on it myself. Would recommend 100%. Thank you!
Working with Charlotte on my CV was an absolute delight. Her exceptional work and seamless collaboration made the entire process effortless. Charlotte's excellent communication skills ensured that she understood my requirements thoroughly, resulting in a remarkable CV that exceeded my expectations. Her attention to detail and ability to tailor the content to specific job descriptions showcased my skills effectively. Charlotte's professionalism, efficiency, and dedication truly set her apart. I highly recommend her CV writing service for anyone seeking an exceptional and impactful CV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our professional CV writing services not only provide you with a polished, impactful document tailored to your industry but also ensure that your CV is ATS-optimized. By having your CV expertly crafted, we ensure that your skills and achievements match the roles you’re applying for. Our expert CV writers skilfully highlight your unique accomplishments and strengths, significantly enhancing your chances of securing interviews and landing your dream job.

Step 1: Place your order and upload your most recent CV

Step 2: Our Customer Experience team will contact you via email to arrange a convenient time for a 1:1 consultation call to collect the necessary information for your order

Step 3: A professional CV writer with expertise in your field will be assigned to your order

Step 4: Within three business days, your writer will complete the draft of your documents and send them to you for review. Following this, you will have one week to share your feedback, and you can request unlimited revisions within this week.

Our writing team comprises career coaches, senior-level recruiters, and industry experts from over 50 sectors worldwide. With international writers catering to clients in various countries, we can confidently match you with the ideal writer possessing the appropriate skillset, knowledge, and expertise in your career domain.

To maintain our high standards, we thoroughly vet our writers before bringing them on board, ensuring that client integrity and confidentiality are consistently preserved and that those managing your order are qualified to do so.

Our CV writing service caters to a vast array of industries, accommodating various fields by leveraging the expertise of our diverse team of writers. The major sectors we serve include technology, finance, healthcare, engineering, education, marketing, and more. Our writers consist of industry leaders, experienced CV writers, and senior-level recruiters with extensive knowledge and insights into their respective domains. This allows us to address your specific field effectively and create a CV highlighting your unique strengths and achievements.

Yes, our CVs are optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). We understand the importance of having an ATS-friendly CV, as most employers now use these systems to screen and filter applications. Our professional writers are well-versed in crafting CVs that adhere to ATS requirements, ensuring proper keyword usage and formatting to increase the chances of your CV passing through these systems and reaching the eyes of hiring managers.

Our service includes unlimited revisions within one week after your order has been submitted to you by the writer for review. This one-week period allows you to provide feedback and request changes to ensure your CV meets your expectations. If revisions are requested after this one-week period, an additional charge of £10 per revision will apply.

While we would love to share specific examples of CVs we’ve written for clients in your industry, we must adhere to data protection laws and maintain strict client confidentiality. However, you can view samples of CVs tailored to various industries while ensuring that all personal information has been removed or anonymised. These samples will provide you with a clear understanding of the quality and style of our CV writing style.

 What sets our CV writing service apart from others in the market is our commitment to utilising state-of-the-art ATS screening software, comprehensive keyword research, and cutting-edge writing technologies. By employing these advanced tools, we ensure our documents align with modern-day recruitment approaches across industries. This approach allows us to create impactful, tailored CVs that stand out to hiring managers and effectively showcase our client’s unique skills and achievements, increasing their chances of landing interviews and securing their desired job positions.

Our satisfaction guarantee policy is designed to ensure that you are happy with the final product. We offer unlimited revisions within one week after your order has been submitted to you by the writer for review, allowing you to provide feedback and request changes to ensure the CV aligns with your expectations.

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